How Big Is Too Big?

Penis big is too big?

I just got back from a study abroad in Europe this year where I dated a few of the local guys there. One guy in particular was really cool to hang out with, and after becoming intimate with him one evening, I was pleasantly surprised -- shocked even, to discover that he had an extremely large penis, which was a HUGE turn-on for me to look at. I say simply to "look at," because it was too large for it to fit inside me. I never measured it, and I never asked him exactly how large it was, but we're talking double digits here I'm sure.

My question is that for most girls, how large is too large for you when it comes to a guy's manhood?

Everyone is different...a friend of mine has a b/f with 11" and she loves it and can accommodate him. I'm with a man with 5.5" and he is perfect for my body. So, I prefer an average size man. I wouldn't want anything over 6".

i think anything over 9 inches is to big to actually fit inside comfortable. To look at hmmm, maybe 12 inches. my man is 6 or 7 inches and it does me good!

Girls can only fit 4 inches in.. so depending on what they like...
For my my ex has 11 inches, it was hot to look at. But nothing more than lookin... lol

When I was 21, I was below average. I'm almost 25 now, and I went through a massive, late growth spurt.

My penis went from below average to way above average. I'm into the double digits, and I'm not even sure I'm done growing.

Anyway, from experience, 7-8 inches always got the best reaction. it was big enough for girls to like looking at, yet not too big to where it hurt them when having sex. When I hit 9 inches, it started to become more entertaining to look at, but more painful to have sex with. I just kept growing and growing. I haven't had sex for a while, even though girls try.

My issues are two fold and kind of odd and embarrassing ,but here it goes. My husband has a freakishly large penis (10+ inches flaccid and 16+ when erect and very thick)and we are always having issues. When he is in clothes, I can always see his penis through his pants and I am obsessively jealous with the fact that I know other people see it as well. It causes big fights all the time. The other issue is that after intercourse (when the adrenaline wears off), very often I am in so much pain it brings tears to my eyes. I love my husband very much, but Im at a loss.

don't know if this will help or not, my former boy frind had a lg penis too, it would hurt when we made love, I talked to him and asked if he wouldn't put it in all the way cause it was causing discomfort fer me, he agreed and it was real good after that, you can try that and soo if it works and the other thing is before he puts it in, I'm not sure how to decribe it but the two pieces of skin that hanges in front of the vigina, kind ok looks like two balls thats been deflated, take a hold of them and move the out of the way, it may sound gross like clearing the path way fer the tree.I don't mean to affend you in anyway, but what do you expect from a hill--billy, just thought I'd give you my two cents worth. about seeing his penis through his pants, try having him wear black undergarments or what ever he wears, they are harder to see through, have a good day.

My wife always complains about my size and it lowers my self esteem. When we try to have sex, she says I am being selfish and reckless with it. When it's fully erect, it's 8 and a half inches long and 6 inchs in girth. I have never cheated on her but I would like to be with someone who can accept this size and allow me to do it in any position I want. Am I overreacting or what should I do?

Should I dump my Boyfriend because his Penis is too big?

He is very large, and it's too large for me to take. We've tried everything and every position, but it still is too too uncomfortable. I know he is a lot larger then average. He can't wear regular condoms, and the large ones are almost too tight. As bad as it sounds, I think it's hurting are relationship an awful lot, and I don't know how to talk to him about it. What does everyone say?